The Paint and preach weekend

Well, since there is a long weekend I’m working on getting as much work done on the house as I can. I guess you could call this my paint and preach weekend because not only am I trying to get a bunch of painting done this weekend but I also am teaching the lesson in church tomorrow. You can already read it here. I decided to put it up as soon as I finished it so I wouldn’t forget to do it later. The Parker family and Kathy came over to help paint today and we were very productive. Both bedrooms on the third floor have been primed so now I just need to put the first coat of paint on them Monday. That’s going to make those rooms look so much better. I still need to sand and paint the 2nd floor hallway that I did the wood fill on a few weeks ago so the hallway can finally be complete. My mind is still churning on how to take care of the exposed plumbing in the 2nd floor bathroom but I’m not tackling that this weekend.Just to keep things interesting… the light on the ceiling fan in the 3rd floor back bedroom started malfunctioning awhile ago and from what I could tell the problem was the switch. So yesterday I bought a replacement switch and put it in today only to find out the problem hadn’t been the switch after all but the socket itself. So, it’s back to the hardware store to find a replacement socket. On the plus side, it was good practice for me working on small wiring in a tight place.Depending on how things go Monday I may try to get started on some of the random holes in walls I need to patch. Some will be easier to patch than others but we’ll see how it goes.


About Michael Wigle

I am a servant of Christ who is married and has two children and four grandchildren. For employment, I am the IT Manager and the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. I also have a wide variety of interests from economics and politics to hiking and caving.
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