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Skyview Ranch

Have you ever taken a picture of an amazing view and then found that later it just didn’t do the view justice? Or have you ever seen something phenomenal and not have the words to describe it? That’s how I … Continue reading

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Flying a plane!

Well, I took the kids on a secret destination today. I took them to Whitewater Aviation so I could have my first flight lesson. We arrived at the Cincinnati West airfield in Harrison a little before 10am where I had … Continue reading

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Of being informed

I’ve been spending the last few days reading about a variety of current events topics such as the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen and the Copyright Treaty being negotiated in secrecy. Reading comments on both sides of the climate issue … Continue reading

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Canadian vs. American Healthcare

  I’ve had a few people over time ask me my opinion about Canada’s Health Care so I thought I’d sit and think about it and maybe write down some thoughts. Let me start by saying that I was 24 … Continue reading

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Day 3 for Aleah and me

Another wonderful day with me and my daughter. After church, I had to get the lawn mowed today and that had to start with trying to fix the mower. After replacing the gas and spark plug, and removing the air … Continue reading

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Freedom OF religion versus Freedom FROM religion

OK, I don’t expect folks to like this but I would like clarify a distinction that I think many people blur. The difference between freedom of religion and freedom from religion. One of the fundamental guaranteed rights in the U.S. … Continue reading

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I’m going to be a father!

Well, it’s been nearly three years in the making but it looks like Heather and I are going to be parents. We heard back from the part of the adoption process called "The Match Committee". This is a group of … Continue reading

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